Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Ryan Gauld - a hero to us all

It looks like young Ryan Gauld - featured on this blog a few months ago - might be signing for Sporting Lisbon.

I've lamented often that our footballing culture is too introverted. My last piece went into some depth on it - it isn't too many foreigners that is killing our game but rather our utterly inward approach. In this regard (and without entering the stultifying referendum debate) Scotland and England are remarkably similar - Scottish youngsters tend to aim for the Old Firm or England. English youngsters tend to aim for England. Too few dare to leave This Sceptred Isle.

When a young talent eschews the Old Firm and the Premier League we should praise them (in the same way Bale should be applauded for his move to Real Madrid) and hope they succeed.

A failure for Gauld, I'm sorry to say, will only reinforce negative attitudes. Remember what happened to Gauld? Just go to Cetic, son. He'll get the smug knowing looks from men who have achieved nothing in their lives and who say 'aye, kent he wouldn't do it. Telt you'.

We don't want to give them any sustenance. We won't to shut them up. Aim for the sky, boys, aim for the sky!

So let's hope it works out for young Mr Gauld - for him, for Scotland and for England. He might very well spark a trend. That, my friends, would help both England and Scotland in the future. We might stop losing.



Captomente said...

Hi, Sporting fan here, just googling for Ryan and end up in your blog. I'll sure read more the older pieces of him and try to know him better.

As an scottish football fan (yep, i like it a lot! - it's passion, strenght, speed, although not too technical :P), i hope that Ryan succeeds at Sporting, for you as a whole (Scottish League, Dundee, national team, fans pride, etc), and of course, for his sake and for Sporting itself!


dearieme said...

Has he got an overbite?

Kathrin Ketti said...

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Skagway Tours Purveyors said...

More English players should go abroad and learn the game. Good luck to this wee scot!

Believe it, San Antonio Personal Injury Lawyers said...

He's great. Some dubbed him a Scottish version of the Barca star.

Jasmine Jones said...

He's still incredibly young and learning how to football intelligently and Sporting are a club renowned for creating talent. It's not easy for an 18 year moving to a whole new country for football. Give him a chance to settle and evaluate him then.

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