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Left Back In The Changing Room Bumper Christmas Quiz - the answers!

Here we are. The answers to the Bumper Christmas quiz.

I am grateful - and humbled - by all the answers sent in, tweets about the quiz and RT from many bloggers and tweeters. I'm also very thankful to the sponsors of the quiz this year, Savile Rogue. Please do go and have a peruse of their stuff. They are a great business selling a great product and deserve support from discerning football fans.

The top two scores were from Craig Docherty and G. Rhydian Morgan with scores of 55.5 and 55. Scarves will be winging their way to them in due course.

A happy new year to all!


1) What do the 19th President of the United States of America, a famous Field Marshall from The Great War and the first man to sail from Europe to India have in common? 

All have South American football clubs named after them. (Club Presidente Hayes (Paraguay) Club Atletico Douglas Haig (Argentina), and Vasco da Gama (Brazil). The first two are pretty obscure but I thought Vasco da Gama would be the one that helped out.)

(2) Which football team started life as Eagle Cricket Club?  
Leyton Orient FC

(3) Which famous soldier - immortalised in Shakespeare's Henry IV Part I - gives his name to an English football club?
Tottenham Hotspur

(4) Who is the only man to have played for Liverpool, Everton and Tranmere Rovers?
Dave Hickson

(5) Who was Tofiq Bahramov and what is he most famous for?
He was the ''Russian'' Linesman in the 1966 World Cup Final. He was from Azerbaijan.

(6) Who scored the winning goal in the famous 1967 England versus Scotland game? Jim McCalliog

(7) Who was ''
Little Duck'' and how does he live on today? Rafael Moreno Aranzadi was Pichichi. He lives on, and is now better known for, the trophy which is named after him and which is given to the top scorer in the Spanish league. The current holder is Lionel Messi.

(8) What have the British Police done in Israel but never in the UK? 
Won the football league.

(9) Who is the only Briton to have been top scorer in Serie A?
John Charles

(10) Other than Newcastle United, which club did Jackie Milburn play for? Linfield

(11) And in a similar vein, other than West Ham United for which club did Sir Trevor Brooking play? Cork City

(12) Which two English league teams did Sir Matt Busby play for? Funnily enough, Liverpool and Manchester City.

(13) Four points to be had here: Who were the first two men to have penalties saved in FA Cup Finals? And which two goalkeepers saved them? John Aldridge had a penalty saved by Dave Beasant in the 1998 Cup Final. A few years later in 1991 Gary Lineker had a penalty saved by Mark Crossley .

(14) Which Scottish football team is named after a jail although some claim the club is named after a novel? (A bonus point for the author of the novel). Heart of Midlothian (Sir Walter Scott was the novelist)

(15) Which four English clubs have won three league titles in successive seasons. Name all four for four points. Huddersfield Town, Arsenal, Liverpool, Manchester United.

(16) Where - and how - does Steve Bloomer watch roughly every fortnight? There is a statue of Steve Bloomer next to the dugouts at Pride Park. (A bonus point for knowing that Derby fans sing the song ''Stevie Bloomer Watchin' as well).

(17) What other sport is referred to in Genoa C.F.C? Cricket.

(18) Who was the world's first £10m player? Jean-Pierre Papin (Marseille to AC Milan)

(19) Which player, in 1962, was declared ''an official national treasure'' to stop him being transferred overseas? Pele 

(20) If the Anchovies were playing the Peppermen who would be playing? Malaga vs Murcia

(21) Who are the Hatchetmen? Crusaders

(22) Who was the Black Spider? The greatest goalkeeper of all-time - Lev Yashin.

(23) Which Scottish footballer was Lash? Peter Lorimer (most famously of Leeds United and Scotland). The nickname was given to him for having (reportedly) the hardest shot in football.

(24) Which Scottish footballer was known as ''
The Ghost''? John White.

(25) W
ho was 'The Lion of Vienna'? Nat Lofthouse.

(26) What nickname do Kenny Deuchar, Socrates, and Theophilus Khumalo have in common? Doctor

(27) Which Italian legend was ''Lo Zio'' or ''The Uncle''? Giuseppe Bergomi

(28) Gianni Agnelli, the Juventus President, nickanmed which player ''Bello di notte'' (Beauty at night'') because of his performances in evening matches? Zbigniew Boniek.


(29) Who plays at Highbury Stadium? A potential QI zinger here... Fleetwood Town.

(30) Who originally played at The Old Peacock Ground? Leeds United. Some people still call Leeds United ''The Peacocks'' and this is where the name stems from.

(31) W
ho plays at Moss Rose? Macclesfield Town.

(32) Who played at Brockville? Falkirk.

(33) Which German club's ground was originally known as the Adolf Hitler Stadium? VFB Stuttgart. A bonus part for Gornik Zabrze in Poland whose stadium was also so named.

Random Trivia

(34) Which cricket legend also played international football - and is the only man to have played in the Cricket World Cup and in a football world cup qualifier? Sir Vivian Richards who played for Antigua and Barbuda

(35) Which is the only city to have had two different clubs win the European Cup? An absolute gimme here... Milan.

(36) What do Elias Figueroa, Zico and Carlos Tevez have in common? The only three men to have been named South American Footballer of the Year on three occasions.

(37) What do Jonny Giles, Mark Hughes, George Weah and Kalusha Bwalya have in common? All international player managers.

(38) How did Greaves of Chelsea and England, Blanchflower of Tottenham and Northern Ireland, Jack Kelsey of Arsenal and Wales and Johnny Haynes of Fulham and England all play in the same team in a competitive fixture? I listed all the teams to help. They represented London in the Fairs Cup.

(39) Which club has won the Copa Libertadores most often? Independiente.

(40) What do Dwight Yorke, Alfonso Perez, Ferenc Puskas and Anne Boleyn have in common? All have football grounds named after them. (Tobago United, Getafe, the Hungarian national team, and West Ham United).

(41) Who are the only two people to have won the World Cup as a manager and a player? Mario Zagallo and Franz Beckenbauer.

(42) What do Ernst Happel, Giovanni Trappatoni, Tomislav Ivic, and Jose Mourinho have in common? They've all managed teams to leagues titles in four different teams.

(43) What have Luis Suarez, Johan Cruijff, Diego Maradona and Cristiano Ronaldo all been that neither Pele nor Lionel Messi never have? The trick here was Luis Suarez. It is the legendary Spanish footballer not the Uruguayan genius. Suarez, Cruijff, Maradona, and Ronaldo have all held the world transfer record. Pele and Messi have not.

(44) A nice easy one to finish this section... What do Vava, Zidane, Breitner and Pele have in common? All scored in two World Cup Finals.


(45) Three Aston Villa players have won the PFA Players' Player of the Year. Who are they? Andy Gray, Paul McGrath and David Platt.

(46) What links the FWA Footballer of the Year Award in the 1947/48 season and the 1962/63 season? They were the same man - Sir Stanley Matthews.

(47) Who was the first Scot to win the FWA Footballer of the Year Award? Bobby Collins of Leeds United.

(48) Who is the only Dane to win the Ballon d'Or? Allan Simonsen.

(49) And who is the Hungarian to have won the Ballon d'Or? Florian Albert.

(50) And, finally, on the Ballon d'Or - for two points - name the two Argentine winners? Alfredo di Stefano and Lionel Messi.


Who comes next:

(51) Kubala, Herrera, Lattek, Romero, Menotti.... Barcelona managers. Next one is Terry Venables.

(52) Neal, Hollins, Campbell, Porterfield, Webb.. Chelsea managers. Next one is Glenn Hoddle.

(53) Galatasaray, Liverpool, Feyenoord, Porto, Valencia... Two answers here! Either Liverpool for the Super Cup or CSKA Moscow for UEFA Cup. The sequences, uncannily, are the same.

(54) McDermott, Wark, Keegan, Dalglish, Rush... Winners of PFA Players' Player of the Year. Peter Reid of Everton.An attempted red herring as the previous five were Liverpool players but Wark won it at Ipswich and Keegan at Southampton.
(55) Schon, Menotti, Bearzot, Bilardo... World-Cup winning managers Beckenbauer


Rob Resenbrink


Dejan Savicevic


Billy Liddell


Oleg Blokhin

Robert Rivelino

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